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cofee CAT

The Capital Cat Café will be completely unique to Canberra and like no other Cat Cafe in the world! Fitted out to reflect the Australia's National Capital and Canberra’s many tourist attractions the Capital Cat Cafe will home to cats named in honour of Australia’s Prime Ministers, Governors General and ground-breaking women in Australian Federal Parliament.

The welfare of the cafe cats is of the upmost important to us. All the cats will be rescued or rehomed cats that reside permanently in the Cat Cafe. We are working hard to find and personally choose cats with the right temperaments and personalities to enjoy and actually thrive in a Cat Cafe environment. It is important to us to know the cats individually, their needs and their quirks, prior to the Cat Cafe opening and to do this we are currently building the team of Capital Cat Cafe cats. Our commitment to our cats is for their life and to facilitate this and to be responsible pet owners to each cat, we will provide for them for the duration of their lives, even after they may need to be retired from the Cat Cafe.

The cats will live in kitty-wonderland created just for them. The Capital Cat Cafe will be their home. The cats will not be available for adoption, however we will be supporting local animal welfare and rescue groups and doing everything we can to promote animal adoptions and responsible pet ownership.

How did this all start? Inspired by the positive response of the community towards our own cat Zanda who has an online profile on social media and fundraisers for Alzheimer’s Australia, we created a Facebook page in December 2014 to gauge interest in a possible Cat Café in Canberra. Immediately we were inundated with overwhelming support! From that moment we have been taken on a journey that is completely changing the direction of our lives!

Who are we? We are two sisters Andrea and Carolyn Sewell who love animals and have grown up with animals. Having both come from working in the Community Services and Social Welfare Sectors, together we have over 40 years combined professional experience working with people. We have worked with disadvantaged people, people experiencing adversity and crisis and have seen the impact having contact with an animal can have in a person’s life. The desire to help people and make a difference drove us both into careers working with people and now this same desire to make difference is the foundation of all our plans for the Capital Cat Cafe.

We want to make the Capital Cat Cafe an attraction and place Canberra is proud of! We want to support local business, promote local products and give back to the community as much as we can.

The Capital Cat Café will be Canberra themed and will showcase Australia's National Capital and Political History in a light hearted, informative and unique way. We hope that visitors, especially children, young people and tourists will be able to come to the Capital Cat Café and learn about Canberra and significant people in Australia’s federal political history. Visitors will also have the opportunity to potentially learn about different breeds of cats and their needs, animal care and animal welfare. Most importantly though the Capital Cat Cafe will be a sanctuary where you can come and relax with cats and enjoy a cuppa AND it will be a wonderland and loving home for the cats who live there.

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